Purpose of the Poem of the Cid, Mathew, and Acts

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  • Published : December 10, 2005
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The authors of the three works each had a similar purpose: to provide guidance to their readers. The stories in the New Testament and the Poem of the Cid each had a particular impact on the audience in the time period for which they were written due to the writing style of the authors. Each work provides a written history of a topic important to the readers many years after the events occurred: Matthew and the author of Acts recorded the story of Jesus and his early ministry as it would impact the First century C.E; and the long-sung Poem of the Cid was recorded to act as a model or example for the people in the twelfth century Iberian Peninsula.

The New Testament is a collection of the religious teachings and beliefs of Christianity. The books were written in the first century in Palestine, which at the time was under the rule of the Roman Empire. The New Testament displays the beginnings of a people challenging the long-held beliefs of the Israelite community by following the teachings of Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew contains the story of Jesus and his early ministry. The author's purpose for the text was establishing and defining Christianity, and spreading the word of Jesus' teachings. Matthew contains elements important to the early church: the story of Jesus' miraculous conception, and explanation of the importance of liturgy, law, discipleship, and teaching, and an account of Jesus' life and death. Matthew was written for the Jews. The author of Matthew did not seem to think of Christianity as something that involved a definite break with the Jewish religion. Instead, he considered Christianity as a continuation and fulfillment of the Old Testament. The author pointedly shows that Jesus' teachings are compatible with Judaism, and Jesus' life fulfills the old testament prophecies. He uses a familiar past, relating prior teachings that the people of the time are familiar with, focusing on the fulfillment of the Old Testament and quoting it...
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