Purpose of Surveys

Topics: Confidentiality, Secrecy, Surveying Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Gertrude Brown
American Intercontinental University
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Surveys are taken for many different purposes. They are a manner in which business and other entities gather information for evaluation. Information that is collected for surveys give insight on trends, markets, and other areas of interest depending upon what someone wants to gain knowledge about. The purpose of a survey also, is to question different groups of individuals on different matters, and then assessing the data for pertinent information relevant to the areas of question.

Just as surveys are taken for different purposes, there are also different types of surveys. The most commonly given surveys are also taken in different forms. The types of surveys that are most common are telephone surveys. Telephone surveys: allows a person to be more candid in their opinions with no face to face action required (Bluman, 2010). Telephone surveyors, have the task of calling individuals and hoping they are able to get someone to stay on the phone long enough to complete a survey. These individuals are known as telemarketers, for the reason that telephone surveys for the most part are for researching various market trends.

Another type of survey is a mail survey, where questionnaires are sent to individuals in the mail. Mailed questionnaire: are used to cover a wider geographical area than telephone or personal interview surveys (Bluman, 2010). Even though these surveys can reach more individuals than telephone surveys, it doesn’t mean all the surveys sent out will be answered and returned. Usually mailed surveys receive a "low number of responses and inappropriate answers to the questions (Bluman, 2010).

Another survey, which is much more dependable, is a person interview. This type of survey allows individuals to be more precise in their answers, and give more information as to what they are specifying. A personal interview survey is an excellent way for businesses to...
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