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Topics: Architecture, Architect, Technical drawing Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: February 20, 2013
In a world that is continually growing, evolving and problems such as global warming and population growth becoming ever more real, the need for innovation and fresh ideas from the engineering world becomes increasingly evident. It is this that attracts me to architectural engineering as a career because although I am aware of the many pressures and demands I would be facing, the sense of achievement and the knowledge that I would be making a difference to the lives of others would be of great personal reward to me. This interest was then nurtured during my schooling and college years at school learning about the history of art and how the smallest engineering discoveries led to the biggest architectural breakthroughs, for instance the impact that the arch, concrete and the dome had on Ancient Roman and proceeding architecture. From the start of my second year at high school a subject which was introduced to me was graphic communication. This immediately caught my attention as the technical drawing aspect of the course was thoroughly enjoyable. To further investigate more about this subject I chose to do graphic communication at a higher level which broadened my experience in technical drawing and introduced me to computer aided drawing which inspired me to research different courses related to this subject and doing so clearly confirmed my desire to study this course. During the summer I attended summer school-organised by “Swedish Group of Technical Institutes” which gave taster sessions on different subjects. During the Architectural/Civil engineering work shop we were split into teams and given the task of creating a raft able to cross a water basin, whilst supporting a granite block, withstanding large waves in the process. This proved to be challenging as most of the teams rafts sank including our team but this motivated me more to think deeply about the design and the construction of the raft and what I could have done to prevent it...
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