Purpose of Schools: To Teach Children to Read and Write

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Stefan Green
Narrative Essay

Louis L’Amour
The reason for school is to get an education. But what is that? Some say to get a better career and make more money or become smarter in general. But the main reason that school was invented was to teach children to read and write. That is it. After students were able to read and write then came the math, history, and science. Growing up I loved learning how to read and write, but to a certain degree. After I got pretty good at reading and writing, which I’d say took until 4th grade to be able to write essays well and read at a high level, teachers would assign reading and writing assignments on the stupidest subjects. For an example cursive writing was the biggest waste of energy I have ever put into schoolwork. My school had us learning and writing cursive until my 8th grade year and I started in the 4th grade. After 8th grade it was all a choice to write in cursive or regular. During the SATS writing a paragraph in cursive was the hardest part of the whole test because I already forgot how to write in cursive and that was my junior year in high school. So there was four years wasted of learning and I knew it going through it even though ever teacher that taught it said “Oh you will write in cursive every day in high school and college!” What a load of crap that was. Then the reading that they assigned was by far the most boring stuff to read and over half of my peers wouldn’t remember the material the next day. I would think if 90% of the class groans and moans when you assign reading you should probably pick a different book to read. Who cares if it’s a Newbery Award 12 year olds didn’t vote on it American Library Association did and they are avid readers who love to read anything and everything. We are young children that you are trying to make them be excited about learning, and I always heard teachers say they want students who love to learn. Well you can’t blame the kids for not wanting to get...
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