Purpose of Having 3pl Provide in Industry

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  • Published : May 6, 2012
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Purpose of having 3PL provide in industry
The purpose of having Third-party Logistics is to provide taxonomy of third party logistics (3PL) research and develop research agenda for this field of study. They also engage in the movement and coordination of goods and the region and reduce costs. They also perform an outsourced logistics activities and processing management or multiple activities. They are having more customized services and mutually beneficial and risk-sharing relationship Job FunctionAs a Third Party Logistics provider they engage in the movement and coordination of goods throughout country and the region. They were playing a role as an extension of an organisation. They also managing inventory, filling order, or making efficient deliveries, we can serve as your cost-effective link. They manage complex distribution requirements frees up resources to focus on core competencies rather than being tied down with day-to-day operational uncertainty. They are supplying distribution and logistics services to the big industry and shows that the dynamics of the relationship between these companies and their grocery clients are changing. Whatever the company facing, they can create a custom logistics solution.|

Table 1.1 Function of 3PL
Advantage and Disadvantages
Here is some extra about advantages & disadvantages about Third-party Logistic (3PL). Advantages are these activities will reduce the cost of the company in the cost of warehousing and also transportation. By this way the company also can focus on their core competency. On the other hand, these services also improved company flexibility, service and efficiency to the business. Furthermore the activities Industry-specific application-“build-to-order” systems will reduce the cost of space and raw materials. There are also disadvantages of 3PL like the system will loss control. If the server breakdown it will affect the whole company and the other that is connected and will Impact on the...
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