Purpose of Eastenders

Topics: EastEnders, Tanya Branning, Max Branning Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Purpose of Eastenders:
Eastenders is a well recognised soap which is known to mostly entertain however it does also inform and educate the audience.Eatsenders is set in Walford on fictional streets such as Turnip road, George Street and Bridge Street. The soap is broadcast four times a week and there is an omnibus on Sunday also it is repeated on BBC three for those who missed it and the violent scenes cut out in the earlier version of eastenders will be in the omnibus on BBC three usually at 10pm when all the kids are suppost to be sleeping this is so it doesn’t effect the younger kids. One of the main purposes of eastenders is to inform the audience of what’s happening regarding important issues such as cancer, bipolar, Aids/HIV, teen pregnancies, abortions, losing someone close to you (bereavement) using realistic narrative to inform as well as educate the audience about important issues for example on Christmas Day in 2006 the audience watched on of the top rated storylines, the death of Pauline Fowler this particular storyline informed people of cancer and had a great effect on the audience. Another purpose is entertain where a well known storyline that reached the audience greatly was where the audience saw Max Branning buried alive by his wife Tanya Branning and attracted a strong audience of 11.4 million viewers, another storyline was where Billy drank himself to death and many of close relatives and friends were in bereavement this also effected the audience to see what is like to lose someone close to you this storyline entertained and informed the audience about bereavement. Eastenders is mainly aimed at females and teens however men do watch eastenders too the soap is mostly aimed at this type of audience because it is gossip and will be talked about easily.
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