Purpose of Buying a Laptop

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In this modern world context, we have become dependant towards technology. The greatest invention of all time, computers, has become so important in our daily life that it is inseparable for us. We are also living in a fast paced environment where networking plays an important role as well. (1) As time goes by, comes newer and better technology. From the simple home PC to portable laptops to small, hardcore gadgets such as Palmtop computers and the iPad. Hence the need for reliability, portable and also high capacity computers. A laptop, in this case, is the most suitable option that fits the mentioned criteria. 2. MAIN PURPOSE OF BUYING A LAPTOP

2.1. Portability (Between a laptop over a desktop)
The main reason on why people choose a laptop over a desktop is definitely its portability. You can do whatever and wherever you want. No doubt that a desktop may be a powerful appliance but sometimes you could just wished to use it at the comfort of your bed. Newer models of laptop have almost the same abilities and functions of a fully pledged desktop. The time wasted on bus journeys can be used to pick up where you left of. (2) 2.2. Upgradeable (Between a laptop over a tablet PC, iPad and the Palmtop) Another reason for choosing a laptop over a tablet PC is because it is upgradeable. You can always upgrade the hard disk when you ran out of space. Although it is rather expensive and a difficult task, it is still possible to upgrade to a better quality graphic cards for better gaming experience and higher end sound cards for the music lovers. Also most laptops already come with a DVD drive however you can only do that much on a tablet PC. (3) 3. BUDGET, FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS

As a student and coming from an average family, I would not mind having a budget of $1000 to $1700. With that budget, the laptop should have at least the following: DVD Drive
15 inch display
500GB space of hard drive
In-built wireless internet connector
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