Purpose and History

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Purpose and History
CJA /234
January 28, 2013
Jeffery Newton

Purpose and History
If they asked most people who committed the first crime they probably would say Eve giving the apple to Adam was the first crime. When you think about it though, the only crime she did was disobeying God. The first crime that was committed was by her son Kane when he killed Abel. This is why people commit crimes today. Since then developers have come up with a couple of different models for prison development. The first model is the Auburn system with the Pennsylvania model later following. With the rise of both models, the developers came up with prison labor that has been implemented in all of prisons today.

When prisons first started, it was not intended for inmates. Prisons were designed for people who could not meet their financial obligation. It was also a place where they could hold people waiting to be tried in court as well as convicts waiting to be sentenced. Later prison became a place where they could hold convicted criminals as they tried to reform them back into society. According to "History and Development of Prisons" (2012), the main emphasis of prison was strict discipline and hard labor. The "History and Development of Prisons" (2012) also believed that the unsanitary conditions and lack of welfare for inmates spread throughout the nation as they came up with some different models for prisons.

The earliest model that was put into place for a prison was the Auburn model. The Auburn model was developed in 1816. This model was designed so that inmates could live and eat with each other. The drawback to this model was that an inmate would get in major trouble if they were caught interacting. This model became the model prison for multiple state prisons around the US. Sing Sing is one of the famous prisons known for using this model....
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