Purley Gr..8

Topics: Advertising, Sales, Term Pages: 7 (1965 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Purely Gr..8! Water
ADMN 1017B
Professor Pelham Matthews
March 25, 2011
David Spencer, Skylar Barth, Ugur Taskiran

Date:March 28, 2011
To:Romil Reyes, Vice President of Operations of Purely Gr…8! From: Skylar Barth, David Spencer, Ugur Taskiran, Consultants Subject:How can Purely Gr..8! penetrate the water bottle industry market?

Short Term (0-6 months)
It’s recommended that purely purchase ads in local newspapers and websites that are popular within the local community. Having a website for the company is a crucial recommendation. This would create a public image for the company. Potential customers would easily reach the company anytime, anywhere. Ads should target the average consumer, who’s more concerned about a healthy lifestyle. The company should target local activities for advertising and sponsoring street festivals or sport teams. Medium Term (6 months – 2 years)

It is recommended that the purely should motivate its workers with bonus pay. This incentive would create a more ambitious sales crew. The bonus approach will keep the workers in the company, creating low turnover. The company should also implement a reward system for loyal customers, offering said customers discounts or perks. Such discounts or perks also should be implemented to businesses who buy the product in bulk. Offering free delivery is an option to these discounts. Long Term (2 – 5 years)

It’s recommended that company expand their facilities. This would cut costs of production, while meeting the demand of the expanding customer base. It’s also recommended to build relationships with third party retailers. This would cut costs on shipping as well and help advertise the product. For street advertising, the company should purchase mobile sales trucks to advertise and sell bottled water at Toronto’s popular street festivals.

Control and Feedback
In order to determine the success of the advertisement campaign, the company should accept criticism from the customers. The website should have section that would allow customers to submit a feedback about the products and services. The company should compare the results with industry competitions financials and see if the company is as efficient as industry standards. It’s also recommended that the company should see if it’s expanding its loyal customer base. This could be done by keeping a connection with customers, offering them coupons for specials and/or for the surveys they fill. The company should also use a monitoring system to see what items are mostly demanded by the customers. This would provide information about what items should be advertised more often than others.

Contingency Plan
If the ad campaign and reformation of the company’s operations would not suffice, than the company should keep the customer base small and potentially search for a merging company as a ‘joint-venture’. Perhaps another company in Canada or in the United States would be interested in Purely’s product. This would provide Purely with sufficient resources for expansion and they could look into the potential of buying out the joining company and then continuing their venture from there.

Purely Gr...8! has the purest water available to its consumers. Incorporated in 1996, this Father Son company is a strong competitor in the field of bottled water.

External Analysis
Currently Purely water has minimal attempts at marketing. Keeping the customer base small is your current approach and its working. Expansion requires you to invest in possible outreaches in marketing. Aim to target athletic personnel by advertising on bus benches. With the increase in technology the internet is becoming popular. The opportunity exists to increase the number of potential revenue by utilizing internet advertisements on popular sites as well as having your own site to update and maintain orders as well as to seek new clientele....
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