Purity of Speech

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Family, Learning Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Our words have a strong power. With our speech we have the ability to make worlds or break worlds. The Torah’s laws of speech make it possible for people to live together in peace and build close relationships. One who wants to create a serene home with a pleasant atmosphere should incorporate all the laws of shmiras haloshon into his actions and teach his family to follow suit. We deal with so many people and situations on a daily basis that frustration with others is inevitable. The laws of shmiras haloshon forbid one from speaking derogatorily about others. Loshon hora may not be related to anyone, including one’s spouse. This can seem a bit extreme at times, however, the benefits derived from keeping the laws of pure speech are abundant. Shmiras haloshon increases the level of mutual respect among one’s friends, family, and co-workers. The level of closeness and trust is also increased as positive feelings are constantly being conveyed and acquaintances realize that just as you don’t speak negatively about others in their presence, you won’t speak negatively about them. Our speech is so influential; it impacts our outlook, opinions, and attitude. One who speaks positively will view the world and all situations more positively. This will translate into having a happier home with a warm welcoming atmosphere. Children should be taught from a young age how devastating loshon hora is and how far reaching its damage can be. Children take their cues from their parents, so it is imperative for one who desires a peaceful home to refrain from speaking negatively about others. The parents should abstain from making disparaging remarks about coworkers and acquaintances. Even if something frustrating and unfair occurred at work one cannot speak derogatorily about those who caused him pain. In order to uphold the standard of proper speech it is important for all the members of the family to be familiar with the various laws. It would be a wonderful idea for a family to...
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