Puritans vs Transcendentalists

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Religion, Concord, Massachusetts Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: October 28, 2012
The Puritans .VS. The Transcendentalists

In a perfect world, some people dream of structure, of simplicity, of love, of life, of hope, and of determination. Unfortunately, some people don’t hold these dreams or views of life. The Puritans and Transcendentalists held different life views and many different beliefs that still have a strong impact on our modern society.

Puritans were reserved, and seemed to be uptight and believed man to be evil. They worshiped a god, a god who ruled over them and set up different rules that seemed to control every aspect of their lives, yet they still worshiped him. Transcendentalists on the other hand, were much different. Transcendentalists were charismatic, kind, and overall charming people. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” (Henry David Thoreau)

The Transcendentalists had drive and in a sense ‘oomph’ and believed that man was inherently good, opposed to the Puritans who were bitter and said otherwise meaning that the Puritans believed all men are evil. They also believed in a God or the Oversoul. He ruled them as well, but they didn’t worship him every day like the Puritans. To the Transcendentalists, education in other subjects besides worship were important and were the keys to unlock happiness. To the Puritans, the only education received was more knowledge about God.

The Transcendentalists were more or less modern day “hippies”, and the Puritans were religious business men, uptight and structured. Both groups had their own ways of life, and minds of their own. Puritans were obviously more strict and centered upon religion where as Transcendentalists seemed to be more relaxed. In a perfect world, these two groups would be put together as one. But, a perfect world doesn’t exist. A perfect world... is only a dream.
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