Puritan Origins: the English Reformation

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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I.)Puritan Origins: The English Reformation
a.)the religious roots of the puritans who founded New England reached back to the Protestant Reformation. * Those who favored a comprehensive Reformation came to be called Puritans. b.)The aggressive anti-Puritan policies of Charles I compelled many Puritans to emigrate; the largest number set out for America to build a new orderly Puritan version of England. II.)Puritans and the Settlement of New England

a.)The Pilgrims and the Plymouth Colony
* One of the earliest Puritan groups to emigrate from England, later known as Pilgrims, believed in Separatism: leader was William Bradford. * The Pilgrims landed far north of Virginia grants in 1620. * They drew up the Mayflower Compact to provide order and security as well as a claim to legitimacy. * The Pilgrims settled at Plymouth.

* The colony struggled to survive the 1st winter, during which half of its members died. Indians saved them. * By 1630 Plymouth had become a permanent settlement, but it failed to attract many other English Puritans. b.)The Founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony

* In 1629, a royal charter granted land for the Massachusetts Bay Company that spanned present-day Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and upstate New York. ---Encountered few natives due to the fact that most had been exterminated due to epidemics caused decades earlier different from the Chesapeake. * The charter allowed the government of the company to be located in the colony rather than in England, making them the Puritans self-governing. * John Winthrop was elected governor.

* Winthrop’s famous sermon the concept of America as a “City upon a Hill” that could serve as a model for reforming the Church of England---unlike the separatist. * New England immigrants tended to come from the middle ranks of English society. * New England immigrants usually arrived as families. Whereas indentured servants dominate in the...
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