Puritan Dbq

Topics: Massachusetts Bay Colony, Massachusetts, Puritan Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: January 17, 2011
During the 1630s to 1660s, Puritans to a vast extent powered the ideas and values on the New England colonies through the political, economical and social development with their belief in religion. Politcally, the did not divide the difference between the government and church. Economically, obtained a work ethic that allowed them to grow, and socially they expanded the knowledge of their religion and education. The Puritans had migrated to New England because they were unsatisfied with the Anglican Church in England and the forming of the Protestant religion. After immigrating to New England a majority settled in Massachusetts forming the Massachusetts Bay Colony along with many other Puritan colonies. They came here in hopes of creating a theocracy, a way to have a new form of government and society. They wanted to escape the Catholic influence they had in Great Britain. They did have some political involvement with town meetings for the townspeople which they did not have in England. The line between church and state was unclear. Many of the colony’s laws were based on the people’s behavior and the Puritan values. As Nathaniel Ward believed state laws should go together with the morals of the church. In the views of Puritans, the government should not have all the power because tribulations will occur and all order should be under the church. As Reverend John Cotton explicated, giving more power to man than is needed will only allow them to misuse it; therefore, they should only allow as much power that God gives to them by his word. God is seen to be the leader, so the church displayed religious rules of the church which the colonies willingly followed. They would not accept anything less from the people other than to serve God and be under his obedience for they lived life for Him. Puritans did not like the idea of freedom of religion. They wanted to be seen as only one religion because they believed having more than one religion would only cause conflict...
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