Puritan Dbq

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The Puritans of the New England colonies influenced the development of political, economical, and social areas throughout the 1630’s-1670 with their ideas and values. They had emigrated from Britain in order to express their beliefs and practices freely. Religion was the foundation of the political, economical, and social developments of the Puritans. From government to living conditions to religious acts, the Puritans were trying to purify the Church of England in their own ways. Some things worked and others did not, but religion still stood at each of the peaks of the list.

Political factors aided in Puritan development of the New England colonies. For example, in “Document H,” it is made obvious that government must have limited power determined by how much is directly given to them by God. Because religion influenced the government of the Puritans, they believed that they each had their own boundaries of power given to them by the Lord. Even the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop thought so. Winthrop believed that he had a calling to lead the colony, to build “a city upon a hill” in which everyone can look at their godly society being constructed and follow that example. In 1638, a new settlement had sprung up at New Haven. Founded by the Puritans, the ultimate goal was to set up an alliance between the church and the government that was even more close than Massachusetts. They wanted this so that the church and government could intertwine and aid in one another, creating a stronger bond. Soon after came the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut in 1639. Drafted by settlers in the Connecticut River Valley, this was the first modern constitution which established a democratically controlled government controlled by substantial citizens. Their idea of this new system was town meetings- where there would be open discussions and open voting that would elect officials, discuss economic problems, and other matters that affected the society....
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