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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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The Puritan society was heavily influence by their religious beliefs. Their religious beliefs accurately describe how they influenced the development of New England. The Puritans believed in a simple economic situation, an equal and democratic political system, and a social system that relied heavily on the patriarchal head of the family. Their values shaped the economic, political and social development in New England colonies from 1630 through the 1660s because of their strong ties to religion.

Puritan values believed that men should only do enough to survive; therefore, they chose simplicity in their economic system. In Robert Keaynes will he said “[My account books]… testify to the world… I have had… many spare hours to spend unprofitably away or to refreshe myself with recreations… but rather have studyed and endeavored to redeeme my time… and have often denyed myself in such refreshings.” Robert believed that he should not spend his time doing anything other than working hard for money. He believed in simple life where he denied himself the privilege to spend his money or time on leisurely things. He spent any free time he had on studying his religion. John Higginson says that “New England is… a plantation of Religion, not a Plantation of Trade.” John again reinforces the fact that Puritan values strongly despised of a system of trade where they gained worldly items. John also says “remember… that worldly gain was not the end and designe…, but Religion.” A primary example of this is the City on the Hill. The city of Boston was supposed to be a beacon to the rest of the world of a pure Christian society where everyone believed that the afterlife was more important, and only did enough in their life economically to survive. Puritans values in subsidence living as required by their religion shaped New England.

The Puritans influenced the political system in New England in a way that is very similar to how the political system works today. Values held by...
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