Puritan Code Essay

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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“A Puritan Code” written by Jonathan Edwards clearly outlines the standards which those in the puritan religion stood for. Being a very conservative and simple community, the Puritans set very high standards for their people, ensuring that they restrict themselves within the boundaries set by their principles. These ten rules were strictly followed by the members of the religion. Clearly, this firm mindset allowed for very little leeway in the lives of the puritans. In many ways, these regulations, although they were written much before my time, are still easily relatable. Not every one of Edwards’ statutes I can agree upon, however, there are several which I can.

Contrasting with my life, Jonathan Edwards' resolution of not laughing on the Lord's day is a ludicrous concept. The Puritans were to live by the Bible but nowhere in the Bible does it dictate no laughter on the Sabbath. Not all people, such as I, follow the Puritan beliefs. Every Sunday morning, my family gets together for a breakfast feast. This time is always accompanied by laughter. My brother Jamal was dancing with his plate in hand, when he slipped on a banana peel. As his body was hurling to the ground, he tumbled onto our cat Sheniqua. Although she was well enough to catch most of Jamal's syrupy pancakes, she did let out an indignant screech, while clawing at his face. To get away from the cat, Jamal ran aimlessly towards the door, not realizing it was the basement door. After stumbling several steps, the cat released her claw to watch as Jamal bounced into the musty old mattress at the bottom of the stairs. As none of us were hurt from the wrath of God, it is blatantly obvious that sounds of mirth are just fine on Lord's day. Ultimately, I have and will continue to be joyous on the Sabbath. This is not the only example of a resolution of Edwards that does not resemble my life. Though I do not fully support this resolution, I do agree with others.

When thinking of my own morals in life,...
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