Purchas and Supply Managment

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Purchasing and supply management involves in the storage, procurement and monitoring of the products sold in the market, machinery and in the supplies. Purchasing and supply manager is the in charge of this division in anyone company or organization. For anyone company or the organization this department is playing the important role in monitoring the buyers behaviors and making sure the top sales of the product of the company or organization and as well as the stock of the product as of the needs of the buyers. In any organization purchase and supply department is making the decision for the purchase of the raw material or other products which company need. Management is making the making the analysis for the cost of items to be purchased and as well as the selling of the products in the range of the normal peoples which is causing the need of product more in the market and that thing cause the more production of the product, and finally it shows in the profit of the company. This department is the rear bone of the company which is playing a key role in the development of the company.

Nowadays when the business are moving so fast in the way of development, purchasing functions are playing the important role in the strategy of anyone organization. Usually the business suffers from the organization because of poor management in the purchase of supplies. The purchasing of the services and good for the organization needs is known as the procurement. The managers of the purchasing and supply department make the decision about the purchasing and supply of the good and services for the organization. A good procurement in purchasing and supply can give a good hold on the business of any organization. Suppliers for any organization some of them are using the cash and carry policy while some have other policy onside the prices of the goods and services also keep in the eyes before the managers are taking the decisions about the organization. A sustainable procurement can make the organization very strong from reducing the waste, saving the money, improvement in the competitiveness and building a good reputation of the business among other competitors in the market.

A better example of purchasing and supply strategy, operational policies and procedures can be seen from...
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