Puppy Love

Topics: Love, Feeling, Ageing Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: October 10, 2011
24 August 2011
OHHHH “Puppy Love”
Oh how I do miss that love which fills the air with exciting new romances and new imagery to gaze upon. “Puppy Love” in my opinion defines the start of a new relationship at a young age, and goose bumps.

Age, to begin, has a great influence on “Puppy Love’’. I recall those days when my mother forbid me to see a particular boy named Bryan. He was a tall athlete that enjoyed walking though the park with our hands held tight eating only one cotton candy stick together. I believe that I was 12 which made it so innocent. Usually young aged love is the one you fanaticize and day dream about the most. When an adult falls madly in love, they usually loose site and feel for the true excitement and satisfaction of meeting someone for the first time and actually not being afraid to pursue a conversation with them. As kids, they just say, ”Hey, do u wanna play?” The conversation just continues to grow as time passes. New experiences, secondly, give great enthusiasm. When a child, “puppy love” is something new, this makes it exciting and encouraging. New experiences form an evolution of life and an understanding of how love really is. Finally, feeling is the most important aspect of “Puppy Love”. Feeling gives purpose. Usually the feeling is formed when love goes into action whether it would be in a room full of people who may seem obnoxious and you find that single individual that is straight forward and tells you “ Hey, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” Feeling is deciding to say yes to just to ignore that highly polite person which filled your stomach up with goose bumps. As you can see, “Puppy Love” is a way to express a feeling worthwhile and to define an experience that may last you a lifetime.
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