Topics: Dog, Pet, Dogs Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Travis Butler
Professor Mayo
English 1301
21 December 2012
My Loyal Companion
People think of having a pet as being: frustrating, time consuming, or even unrewarding, and I could not disagree more. When you own a pet they become a part of who you are. You find yourself rushing home to see them because you know that no matter what they’ll cheer you up. Pets have that ability to make a bad day change into a good day; make that sad moment not seem so unbearable because they are there for you. One day I truly found out just how much they can make life better.

In the summer of my nineteenth birthday my girlfriend Caitlin and I decided we were missing something in our lives, so we adopted a puppy. At the Deer Park adoption center we browsed over about fifteen puppies until we came to the very end of the selection. The last two cages each had a puppy in in, and each puppy was about the same size and color. After spending some time with each puppy we were at a crossroads on which to choose. Caitlin wanted the fluffier puppy, and I the smoother puppy; after some considerable time spent convincing we picked the puppy I had chosen, and named her Audrey. Our new puppy was so full of excitement that on our car ride home I frequently had to stop to get her out of my lap. The next couple of days were no different. She had so much energy that I would often give out before she did. Which led to a lot of waking up from naps with Audrey chewing on my arms or legs. Even being full of energy she proved to be quite intelligent. After two hours of showing Audrey what the dog door was she mastered going in and out of it. After rewarding her with treats to use the bathroom in the backyard she started to go potty and look up at you as if to say, “okay I am doing what you want now where is my treat?” The next few weeks went by and Audrey was picking up trick after trick in rapid succession, and as long as I live I doubt I will ever have a pet as smart again.

Three years ago...
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