Puppies: Torture and Satisfying Taste

Topics: Torture, Suffering, Abuse Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Chapter 15: Torturing Puppies and Eating Meat: It’s All in Good Taste Alastair Norcross

Suppose that a man got into a car accident and was treated at the hospital. The next day, he is able to go home and he decides to go to his favorite restaurant where he goes to have his favorite chocolate mousse. Once he tries it, it seems rather bland and not necessarily how it’s supposed to taste. He goes to the doctor and finds out that in the accident there was damage to his Godiva gland, which is responsible for secreting cocoamone, the hormone responsible for the satisfying taste and experience of chocolate. The doctor continues, telling him about a study that was not told to the public for the fear of what many would think, or say. This study showed that under high stress and physical abuse of puppies, these defenseless animals are able to produce cocoamone in the brain. This fact intrigues the man so much that he wants to see if, maybe, performing that study would allow him hope in being able to indulge and satisfy his memory for the taste of chocolate. He then decides to hold captive several puppies in his basement, which he mutilates and tortures. Once the police are informed out about this, they accuse him of animal abuse. His only justification is his belief that he wasn’t doing anything wrong; he just wanted to satisfy his sweet tooth. In this short article, Torturing Puppies and Eating Meat: It’s All in Good Taste, the main argument is that animals should not be tortured, mutilated, and put to suffer to provide humans with the satisfying taste of meat. Our gustatory pleasure is not as important as the lives of animals. The example used in the article to explain this argument was the “Torturing Puppies” argument. Anyone who has compassion and emotions would agree that saving the lives of the puppies is the right thing to do, as opposed to killing them just for a momentary, gustatory experience. This is the same with the meat farms...
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