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The International Council of Management Consulting Institute In May 1987, thirty-two management consultants from ten countries met to explore the common ground between professional institutes which were known to certify individual management consultants. During the meeting the delegates proposed the formation of an International Council of Management Consulting Institutes to improve the certification of management consultants around the world. IMCs of seven countries formed the founding members of the new Council.

In 1993 the ICMCI strategic plan was adopted by the members. The features of this plan included: * International Standards 
To develop and update international professional standards and ensure (national) member institutes support and adherence. * International Recognition 
To develop support from key international influencers and national institutes for the value of certification, and to achieve worldwide recognition of the CMC international designation as the world-class benchmark of management consultancy competence, objectivity, independence, and professionalism. * Membership Development 

To encourage into membership all appropriately qualified national certifying institutes around the world. * Member Services and Communications 
To support current and prospective members with relevant services, including networking, information sharing, and programs to enhance growth and market recognition within each country. * Funding and Revenue Generation 

To obtain members' support for the real costs of running ICMCI and to develop a wider range of funding sources and revenue-generating programs to achieve our mission and vision. * Organization 

To enhance organizational effectiveness through cost efficient methods and structure. Mission
* To elevate the standards of management consultants worldwide, and to provide the international community with the confidence that these standards, combined with the certification process of its...
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