Punishment vs. Rehabilitation

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Punishment (*1) ['pʌnɪʃmənt]
1. (Law) a penalty or sanction given for any crime or offence 2. (Law) the act of punishing or state of being punished
3. Informal rough treatment
4. (Psychology) Psychol any aversive stimulus administered to an organism as part of training (As defined by freedefinition.com)
Punishment is our current most exercised consequence for bringing justice to those victims of criminals by incarcerating offenders in a jail or prison, as well as other forms such as the community service, probation, and even the death penalty. While jail and/or prison life is necessary to protect the public by confining criminals away from public harm, I believe that “only” punishing dangerous criminals is simply not enough. As statistics show, the rising crime rates and repeat offenders are at an all time high. I think this is due to placing criminals in a violent atmosphere that fuels their dangerous tendencies endangering the public when those criminals are released to rehabilitation and into society. Ideally, it would be most suiting to punish every criminal and isolate them from the public, however, our judicial system could not possibly accommodate every offender nor would this provide discouragement to commit crimes or to intimidate repeat offender's from committing additional violations of the law. During my research, I read an article that I found on www.helium.com(*3). It was a topic based on the debate of how society should treat criminals. Do we punish or rehabilitate? This article was very intriguing because the writer stated how our current means of punishment no longer seems to have an effect of deterrence to criminal behavior in our society today. The writer specifically states, “We hear stories every other day about horrific crimes being committed in the blazing heat. Stealing at night, abducting children from lonely areas have become dated. The "in" thing to do is the wrong thing with a crowd watching. Does this mean people...
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