Punishment Research Paper

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Punishment Research Paper

Does punishment deter crime in the United States? I have to say in my opinion it is a case by case basis. I feel that punishment does deter crime in some situations but not in every situation. I do not believe that you can put a child molester in prison and they are going to change only because they were thrown in a prison cell. I think that there has to be some sort of rehabilitation, counseling, and resources available to the inmate in order for them to change. After researching the different types of punishment and which deters crime most effectively I would have to say that deterrence is the punishment type that deters crime most effectively. I am not saying that this works in every case, but I have come to find that it works with some criminals. Deterrence can be defined as the prevention of socially undesirable behavior by fear of punishment. A person who might otherwise have committed a crime is restrained by the thought of the unpleasant consequences of detection, trial, conviction, and sentence ("simple deterrence"). I believe deterrence is good for society because it will possibly prevent people from committing crimes. When you hear about people going to jail, paying fines, and getting your driver’s license suspended for drinking and driving it helps to deter people from drinking and driving. I do not believe it is just deterrence though you have to be able to give people other options to deter drinking and driving. Such as access to taxi cabs, buses, and knowledge of ways to get home without drinking and driving. When researching criminals that go to prison and if they stop committing crimes after released from prison it was said that about forty percent of prisoners that are released are arrested again within three years. Prison is good to get people off the streets that are a danger to society, the criminals that murder, rape, and injury innocent people deserve to be taken off the street and caged away from the rest of...
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