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Presence of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants: A Grave Threat to India’s Internal Security

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Dhanya Babu
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M.A Criminology

The illegal immigrants from Bangladesh who are present in large numbers in India poses a grave threat to India’s internal security. It is found that there are around 10-20 million illegal Bangladeshi migrants in India. Unchecked and unregulated migration flows together with high fertility rates could create an alarming situation.

Though attempts have been made in India to prevent illegal migration, they have been relatively weak. The 25-member committee, led by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sushma Swaraj, took note of reports that counterfeit notes were in large circulation along the India-Bangladesh border and presence of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in large numbers poses a grave threat to India’s internal security and the government should take it seriously and strictly monitor their movement.

It took cognisance of reports that illegal Bangladeshi migrants were able to secure ration cards, driving licences, voter identity cards and even PAN cards. Media reports have attributed claims to the intelligence sources that terrorist groups have been recruiting Bangladeshis in India. It has also been reported that certain Bangladeshi insurgent groups were involved in the terrorist incidents in our country.

Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants are also threat to language and culture of Assam. ULFA which arose as a protest against Bangladeshis lost credibility only when its leaders took shelter in Bangladesh after the Bhutanese operation against the group in December 2003. Arrest of Bangladeshi national S. M. Alam in January 2008 by Assam Police revealed ISI’s plan to turn northeast into a volatile region. The migrants have also spread into other places like Dimapur and Kohima. The illegal...
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