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Punishment for Criminals

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Punishment for Criminals

  • November 2008
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From child to adult there are many different forms of punishment people will face for negatively affecting some other persons life. These different punishments have different effects on the offender, and on others throughout American society. Which forms of punishment are most effective is a question that has been asked for a very long time, but most can admit, that one person may have a completely different reaction to a punishment that another person. Another idea to consider is that different crimes lead to different consequences, and who is to say if that consequence is proper for the crime. In one culture you could perform an act that is accepted, while in another culture this act could be seen as criminal, this can cause different issues in today’s society where people travel from all different sides of the world.

There are many different forms of punishment, and the punishment would be directly related to the crime. Retribution is the first form of punishment, simply stated it means that the offender deserves the same punishment every time he or she commits the same crime, too little or too much punishment would be unjust. The next form of punishment is deterrence, this is the idea that having a set of laws for a specific crime is a matter of deterring people from committing the crime, in this case the punishment could not be to severe only too small. The next form of punishment is rehabilitation, this is would e used after a crime has been committed, and would simply provide the criminal with help to overcome the problem that initiated the crime. The final punishment is social protection; this is not as much a punishment as it is protection for a society from another person or group, and can be directly related to keeping a child pornography ring in prison, and away from unsuspecting children.

Retribution has been one of the most disputed forms of punishment, only because people change as times change, and a person could completely change...

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