Punctuality in the Military

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One truth, is that in military service, it is always important to be on time and at the right place, and never late. Different organizations have different definitions of ‘on time’. Prior to coming to Bravo three-thirteen, my last unit was happy with everyone being five minutes early to any formation. It took me a while to adjust to Bravo three-thirteen, because at Fort Sill they defined being exactly ten minutes early as late. Since the unit deployed to Camp Bucca, Iraq, the unit as a whole has been at times a lot more easy going, most of the time. I remember once, I was running behind due to not being able to find my car keys or identification card or something, and wound up arriving about one minute before the formation was called. My section chief at the time was angry at me and my platoon sergeant was embarrassed because he had been thinking I was going to miss formation and the First Sergeant knew not everybody was in ranks at the time. I have almost always strived to make my immediate superiors look good, whenever it has been possible and felt badly for letting them down that time.

Another truth about the military, is that often when a particular group has a good thing going (for example, not having to waste 30 minutes standing around waiting for a formation to start twice a day, or working three and one schedule instead of a six and one, or people being able to take a four day ‘Bucca pass‘ instead of going to Qatar), it often only takes one individual to wreck the situation for everybody involved. I know I would hate to be the one person to be responsible for taking up more of our precious free time than is already taken, since we work twelve hour days, minus formation time, minus time to get food before or after work, and oh yeah a lot of people like to do physical training from time to time.

These are all good reasons to be punctual. The dictionary defines Punctual as “acted, arrived, or performed exactly at the time appointed”. Being punctual...
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