Punctuality: Etiquette and Various Types

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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Punctuality is a habit which must be cultivated by every cultured person.It is the mark of civilization and culture. It has been rightly said “punctuality is the soul of business”.In our everyday life we have to attend to various types of business.This brings us in contact with other people.We hardly realize that in being late , how much annoyance and worry we unnecessarily cause to others and make them suffer on account of our lethargy for no fault of theirs. Nelson used to say that he owes his success in life to punctuality.If a man has various duties to attend to,he must be punctual,otherwise his life will be a failure. Itb is not easy thing to be punctual.It requires a man all the energy to regulate his life,if he wants to be punctual in every business.Unpunctuality invites trouble and worry. A man who is punctual and keeps his appointment is sure to be held in high esteem by others .Everyone has confidence in him.Everyone trusts him because he keeps his word.Sometimes people have lost opportunities in life by being late for only a few minutes. In society unpunctuality is considered to be akin to rudeness. “PUNCTUALITY IS THE POLITENESS OF KINGS”,said LOUIS XIV. “IT IS ALSO THE DUTY OF GENTLEMAN , AND THE NECESSITY OF MEN IN BUSINESS”,said SMILES.Washington once took his secretary to task of being late. The secretary censured hin watch.WASHINGTON retorted,”THEN,SIR,EITHER YOU MUST GET A NEW WATCH OR I MUST GET A NEW SECRETARY”. When, therefore, so much depends upon this virtue. We ought to acquire it by steadfastly cultivating it in our daily life. PUNCTUALITY IS PART OF DISCIPLINE ALSO.
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