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You always looked after me,
For me you were always there,
I remember how you took care of me,
I never had to fear.

I never felt lonely,
Whether it was day or night,
Those days were really bubbly,
At times we would fight.

I thank the God up there,
He gave me a brother like you,
What more can I ask for,
There is no one like you.

You have been a real friend,
Guiding me all these years,
I have no words to thank you,
Those fond memories fill my eyes with tears.
Brother and sister

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Florence Sherrill Ferrell
From where love came,
we cannot see: Perhaps, within us,
born and bred, Or taught to us at parent's knee,
Or instilled by God in heart and head.

Perhaps it sprang from some kind deed,
Which, long forgotten,yet has grown
To dazzling heights from one small seed
In the fertile soil of distress sown.

Respect rises up so far above
The pettiness of separate view;
Differences bow before a love
And friendship that is blood-bound, too.

May the bond between us stronger grow,
May I prove the fondness I confess,
Which my hand's service cannot show'
Nor my simple words ever express.
A brother just like you

I just want to let you know
You mean the world to me
Only a heart as dear as yours
Would give so unselfishly

The many things you've done
All the times that you were there
Help me know deep down inside
How much you really care

Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a brother just like you.
My Sister and Me

We laugh,
we cry,
we make time fly.
Best friends are we
my sister and me.
Sibling Love

Growing up as kids we were blessed
To have come from a loving home
Parents that guided and loved us
And never did us wrong.

We had a beautiful childhood
Many memories we all hold
We've always had that sibling bond
That's more precious than gold.

Mom and Dad had it hard
Raising six kids way back then
But we never went...
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