Pumpkin Carving

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“Pumpkin Carving"

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on the best way to carve a pumpkin

Central Idea: The sequence of steps used in order to carve a great pumpkin


A.| The need for a great holiday decoration|
B.| Very inexpensive project that is fun for the whole family| C. | The best part is the pumpkin is edible so the insides can be usedAs a child one of my favorite memories during Halloween was having a pumpkin carving contest with my cousins. Now that I have a family of my own we have made it a tradition to carve a great pumpkin with the kids each year.|


I.| Supplies Needed|
  | A.| Pumpkin|
  | B.| Marker/pumpkin template|
  | C.| Sharp knife|
  | D.| Spoon|
  | E. | Paper towel/newspaper|
  | F.| Cookie Sheet|
II.| Carving the Pumpkin|
  | A.| Hollowing out the pumpkinhollowing out the pumpkinhollowing out the pumpkin|   | B.| Scoop out flesh, pulp, and seedsScoop out flesh, pulp and seeds|   | C.| Transfer or draw your designs|

  | D.| Remove the template and carve along the pattern| III.| Using the Discards|
  | A.| Rinse out the seeds in water
  | B.| Place seeds on cookie sheet for baking
  | C.| Eating the seeds
  | D.| Saving the “guts” for a pie

A.| This project needs only some simple supplies and setup B.| Creative holiday fun for friends and family   
C. | Yummy snack and dinner dessert

How to Carve a Pumpkin by © 2010 Martha Stewart Living Omni media, Inc. Retrieved November 05, 2010 from marthastewart.com. Web site:

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