Pullman Strike

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Terri Simmons
Online Class

The Pullman Strike

George Pullman started out with humble beginnings and although

he denied having dreams; he had vision. The vision was to make travel in

rail cars more comfortable which would benefit not just the avid traveler

but himself as well.

He started out working for his older brother and quickly developed a business

sense with a knack of looking at an item be it a building or in this case railcar and

and made it work easier if not better.

The idea of the Pullman Railcar manifested when George was traveling and had

the uncomfortable experience of sleeping or the lack thereof in a train he

traveled in one night. After this very bumpy and unrest fully experience Pullman

thought he could design a more comfortable car for night travel and increase

his financial worth.

In 1867 The Pullman Palace Car Company was founded. The Pullman

Enterprise was such a success that Pullman was able to purchase land to build a

Town for his employee’s complete with schools, churches, and libraries;

Although only those that were able to afford the fee were able to utilize the

library. Pullman not only owned the land he owned the homes, gas and water

to live in. Therefore any immoral products where not allowed in this town such as

bars or brothels. This was to insure corruption would not find its way to the town

and seemed to be a heart felt plan however it would soon be found Mr. Pullman

was only looking out or his enterprise and not of his employees .

After several years of success, business slowly begin to decline and as

business slowed Pullman began to cut wages and reduce hours. There were a

total of five salary...
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