Pullman Strike

Topics: Pullman Strike, Strike action, Pullman Company Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Assignment 2: The Pullman Strike

If I were a worker living in Pullman Town with my family during the late 1880’s I’d be very comfortable with life; however, in 1893 when the nation goes into a depression, and work is cut for all of the workers in Pullman Town, life would change dramatically. Because of decreased profits for the car company, my wage would be reduced but the cost of living would remain the same. It would be very difficult to continue the same way of life. Once this happened, my fellow coworkers and I would meet with representatives of Pullman’s company and ask to raise wages and lower the cost of living. When they deny us these basic necessities and end up firing some of my coworkers as a result, the rest of the workers would go on strike. I would be extremely upset that Pullman is responsible for my poor living conditions. The fact that he would be preventing my family from living a comfortable life would deeply anger, pushing me to join the American Railway Union. When the strike starts, I would gladly be out there with the rest of the mistreated workers of the Pullman Palace Car Company, picketing for our rights. Being a part of the ARU would greatly help our cause especially when they start sympathy strikes throughout the U.S. The members of the ARU refused to handle any Pullman Palace Car Company rail road cars during the strike. Because of the strike, the economy was worsened, calling the attention of the president. He called for an injunction and 5,000 U.S. Marshalls to disband the strike. It would be rough with the Marshalls beating workers to make them quit. With 30 strikers killed, 50+ wounded and two months, the strike was put to rest. After the end of the strike, President Cleveland created Labor Day as a national holiday. Because of this I would feel optimistic about my family’s future. I would be part of a major so I would feel secure that I would have better working conditions and hours to better provide for my...
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