Pullman Porter Blues Stage Costume

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Pullman Porter Blues written by Cheryl L. West with Constanza Romero as a customer designer. The story of Pullman Porter Blues is about a luxurious train that travels from Chicago to New Orleans and the people on it explore the themes of class and race. In my opinion, Constanza Romero did a very good job in designing costume because the costume matches the play very well by using color, texture, and silhouette. Color is one of the important elements to design costumes. Color does not only reflect the emotion, feeling, and mood, but it also is symbolic of social status. The porters have two kinds of suit uniform, which are white and blue navy. Each color represents different duties. Sister Juba’s dresses are very bright and colorful such as red, green, bright grey, orange, etc. From dresses’ color, we can tell that she has a lot of emotions during the play. Meanwhile the band attires are colorful but the colors are much somber than those of the Sister Juba. Lutie Duggernut, the homeless girl, wears a very gloomy brown and white. In these cases, the color does not reflect the mood of the character. Thus, the gloomy colors tell us about the social stratum. The duller the color, the lower the social stratum because dull color can make the fabrics look fairly old. Texture or fabrics is another element that can indicate character’s class. The fancier the fabric is, the higher the class is. For example, Sister Juba has a wide variety of texture for the dress such as velvet, satin, and others. Some of her dresses have laces, which it makes it even more charming. She also has many accessories such as necklet, bracelet, fancy hat, flower hair clip, etc. She also has fox fur scarf. She has a lot of diamonds on her. It shows that she is very wealthy in that time period. For the band’s outfit fabric, most of them are made from tweed. Some of their suits are made from wool. We can see that tweed is not as classy as velvet or satin. The porters’ uniforms are made from...
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