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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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The Pulitzer Prizes archival website(www.pulitzer.org) explains everything about the Pulitzer Prize, which was established by Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian-American journalist and newspaper publisher, who left money to Columbia University in 1911. A portion of his money was used to found the School of Journalism in 1912 and establish the Pulitzer Prize, which was first awarded to Pulitzer in 1917.

The main category of Pulitzer Prizes are two; A Prize in Journalism and A Letters and Drama Prize, The Prize in Journalism has 14 categories. All have to be published in the States either online or in a paper newspaper. Most of winners in Journalism have dealt with investigation stories, for example, the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal and the story of severely wounded American soldiers who were challenged physically and emotionally during the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

The website consists of Home, Current winners and finalists, Past winners and finalists by category; How to enter, Prize Luncheon, Prize Seminars, Press Release, In the News, FAQ, Links, The Prizes and The Board.

Every menu shows professional information about The Pulitzer Prizes and their winners; from the entry on how to apply for the prize, the procedures, ceremony awards and Prize seminar that introduce the winners to share their experiences. It also encourage people to be a distinguished journalists. I had no problem to find all sorts of information about the Pulitzer Prizes. However, some information showed again under a different menu bar. I also think that the use of terms has to be more accurate, for example, Press release and In the news sounds very similar but the content are totally different. Other than this, the site had excellent information.

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