Puerto Vallarta

Topics: Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Ocean Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Figueroa 1
Pablo Figueroa
Professor Roberto Santos
English 1301
March 18, 2012

Puerto Vallarta’s Feeling
The warm breeze, bright sunny day and the relaxing sound of the ocean waves at this Mexican City are well known by all tourists around the world who go visit this beautiful beach. Not only this city is attractive by the ocean and the spectacular view that leaves you breathless after watching the views and cultural scenes, but it also offers unique experiences that won’t be found in any other place. That is the beauty about Mexico’s culture, because it is very diverse for example: the food, clubs, museums, people and many other fabulous events. We will observe with detail the friendly city of Puerto Vallarta with all its fantastic attributes that makes it one of the most must-go places to visit while touring Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is located in the beautiful state of Jalisco, Mexico on the Pacific Ocean side of the country. Going to Puerto Vallarta is a breathtaking and relaxing experience in which getting the feeling of being the king of the world is not enough. There are many things that you can experience and can go from taking a glance at all the artistic features that the Mexican culture can offer, to going onto heart stopping adrenaline experiences such as going skydiving and appreciate the view of the city from a totally different angle or perhaps going scuba diving with the fish and seeing what the mother nature can offer underwater. The corals and the fish that can be found underwater are gorgeous and it is really impacting and creates an ambient so relaxing that completely changes the perspective about nature. Figueroa 2

The nightlife in this city is spectacular and it offers many events and nightclubs that distinguish this city. The “Malecon” is a place in this city located at the coast of the beach and it is decorated with very peculiar big and black rocks that were used instead of paved streets. While walking down The Malecon, there...
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