Puerto Rico and Okinawa

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Misfortune Islands on the Sea

What comes to your mind when you hear the words with colony, merger, and invasion? These words are related to a sad part of history in the past. Puerto Rico and Okinawa are two islands experience the sad part of history. Not only those two countries, but there were many other countries that were taken control ever by another. My country, Korea, also had been occupied by Japan for 35 years, so that my opinion about Okinawa and the Puerto Rico are different from the view of the United States and Japan. Chalmers Johnson described Okinawa as “the Puerto Rico of Japan.” However, I disagree with his statement. In this essay, I will be by restating about Chalmers Jonson’s saying with not only historical background but also culture, language, and minority group in two islands.

To restate Chalmers Jonson’s saying, it is necessary to figure out what is going on between these two islands. First, Okinawa was the independent kingdom as named Ryukyu. According to the history documents, Ryukyu appeared in 1372, and the documents mentioned “Ryukyu paid a tribute to Ming Dynasty by the Emperor Hongwu of Ming’s request.” While Ryukyu was developing a trade system with China, they were invaded by the Japanese feudal domain of Satsuma in 1609. Later, Japan made Ryukyu one of the states in Japan in 1879. That state was Okinawa, and as a result, one kingdom became the prefecture now. After Ryukyu transferred as the prefecture of Japan, Okinawa underwent an ordeal. At the end of World War II, the United State of America carried out a landing at Okinawa to invade the main land Japan. At that time, the holocaust occurred causing more than 170,000 deaths; in addition, by C.W Nimitz’s proclamation, the U.S. army, military, and government began in Okinawa. Soon after, an enormous American air station was built. Okinawa stayed as a land part of the United States until 1972. There are two main points that must be understood...
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