Puerto Rican Cuisine

Topics: Nutrition, Dulce de leche, Costa Rica Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Costa Rican Cuisine
Costa Rican food is much different than the foods indignant to America. My dinners and lunches consist of mostly meat. Steaks, ham, pork, and fish make up most of my diet, but that is different in Costa Rica. Costa Rican dinners and lunches consist of many different types of vegetables, rice, fruits, and a small portion of meat with little spices. I think this is very interesting because this means that Costa Ricans have a very widespread diet containing balanced portions of meats, vegetables, and fruits. This makes me want to broaden my horizons when it comes to food so I am able to have a healthy amount of each food type.

In America, holiday foods would be considered honey baked hams, turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, and maybe steak. Costa Ricans differ from my family’s holiday meals in that they eat many different vegetables and fruits like stuffed plantains, avocado mango salad, and miel de chiverre (squash honey). Costa Ricans have a much bigger variety of foods than I do when it comes to holiday dishes. They have a little bit of everything, but we have a lot of a few things. The Costa Rican holiday dishes, in my opinion, do not look very appetizing. I would much rather have regular baked ham or turkey than a stuffed vegetable for a main entrée because I feel as if our food would have more flavors and would fill me up more.

Finally, desserts in Costa Rica consist of a lot of chocolate. A cono capuchino, is basically an ice cream cone covered in chocolate. I do not eat very many things with chocolate in them, so this is very interesting to me. I do like to try new things, so I may try to make my own version of cono capuchino! Another sweet that they prepare is dulce de leche, which is basically just the syrup of boiled milk and sugar. I have heard very good things about melcocha, which is just a candy made from raw sugar. The fact that the Costa Rican desserts are simple, indicate to me that the Costa Ricans can be very resourceful in...
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