Pueblo Revolt and King Philips' War

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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History 1301
Josue Carreon
Dr. Adam I. Arenson
Pueblo Revolt and King Philip’s War
Metacom was the Indian leader whom the English called King Philip, the fear that the Indians had as well as the English was that the Indian Sausimun had been found dead and they believed that was because he informed the English of an Indian plot and he was going to be killed by the Indians for doing so therefore he decided to end his own life, and because of this both the Indians and the English became afraid and armed themselves more to be prepared for a war that was to outbreak. They sat and spoke and explained how the Indians felt they had did only good to the English and how the English had wronged them by taking much of their land and were afraid of being forced to become Christian Indians. They argued that they had taught the English how to plant. Another issue was that whenever there was a problem and 20 Honest Indians testified against the English man who did them any wrong was not enough, but if one of their worst Indians were to testify against any Indian it was enough. They had many quarrels including all the land taken from the Indians and how it was taken from them, for example the English would get the Indians drunk and in a drunken state bargain land from them and thus cheating them from much land for unfair prices, and they did writings to prove the wrongful arrangement.

The Indians organized the Pueblo Revolt because they felt that they were being mistreated by the Spanish, they were given injuries by Francisco Xavier and Alonso Garcia and from some other sargentos, because they were being beat by them and they were also relieved of the possessions they had and also made them work with no form of compensation. Another action that the Indians made was to burn the churches and images and whatever was in them and they shouted that they had done this to claim that their god was no more and god’s mother was no more either and now only the Indian’s god...
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