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Writing a Persuasive Essay
Do Something Good for the Earth

Attention-getter Background information

Garbage! It smells bad and looks disgusting. Most people think about trash only when they take it out. People in the United States should be thinking about garbage more, however, because they throw away 40 percent of all the garbage in the world. It may seem easy just to toss whatever we

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have finished using in the dumpster, but our wasteful ways have terrible consequences for our environment. The solution Opinion statement to this problem is recycling. Recycling is the best way to preserve natural resources and to reduce the costs of processing garbage. BODY/Reason

1: Emotional appeal

By recycling, we can prevent our country from being buried in trash. Much of the garbage that is now tossed out

Evidence: Statistics

could be recycled. Of the 200 million tons of garbage that United States citizens produce yearly, about 42 percent is paper (from trees), 8 percent is glass, 9 percent is metal (from ore, a natural resource), 7 percent is plastic (from petroleum, a natural resource), 8 percent is food waste, and 18 percent is yard



Writing a Persuasive Essay
waste. Government officials estimate that 60 percent of all this trash could be recycled. Environmentalists suggest a much higher figure—as much as 70 to 90 percent. Reason 2: Logical appeal Evidence: Anecdote Recycling more of our garbage can also save precious resources, such as trees, water, energy, and aluminum. My grandfather says the thick forests that once surrounded my hometown have nearly vanished. By recycling newspapers, we Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.

Evidence: Example

can rescue trees from destruction. For example, recycling could help save some of the fifty thousand trees that are sacrificed every week to produce Sunday newspapers in the United States. We can also save water and energy by recycling, as

Evidence: Case studies

shown by government studies. Recycling paper instead of making it from trees reduces the amount of water used to make

Evidence: Facts and statistics

the paper by 60 percent and the amount of energy by 70 percent. Aluminum cans show the biggest saving from recycling. To produce a can from recycled aluminum takes 95 percent less energy than from ore.

Reason 3: Ethical appeal

Because garbage disposal has become a particularly



Writing a Persuasive Essay
thorny problem, recycling more can reduce the mountains of garbage we produce—and reduce the financial and environmental costs associated with all the landfills where the garbage is dumped and with the incineration, or burning, of garbage. Garbage does not just disappear after it is hauled away. It usually goes into landfills—many of which have created toxic pollution problems and enormous cleanup costs. Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.

Evidence: Facts and statistic

Currently, 61 percent of municipal waste goes into landfills. In the highly populated areas that generate the most garbage, the land used for landfills will not be available for other use for a long time because some garbage items do not break down

Evidence: Example and Facts

easily. For example, under some conditions newspapers may not break down for forty years. Also, because many plastics, glass, and synthetic materials may take centuries to decompose, the land used for landfills may never be returned to its original state. When landfills close, they must be monitored for years. Therefore, landfills are expensive.

Evidence: Facts

Landfills are also not safe. Although landfills are lined with clay, plastic, or other materials to keep leachate (water



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