Public vs. Private Schools

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  • Published : May 29, 2006
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Parents often wonder how to start off their children's education. Parents usually want what is

best for their children, and what is best is usually a matter of opinion. All parents have different

hopes and expectations from their children. Many factors have to be included when choosing which

school the child should be enrolled. Depending on one's religion or beliefs a private or public

school is a choice most parents face.

The first problem parents run into is money. Many parents cannot afford the tuition for a

private education, and therefore are left with no choice but to enroll their children into a public

school. Private schools rely on the high tuition, while public schools rely heavily on government

funds. This gives private schools more access to the most advanced education tools and skilled

trainers whose services would otherwise be unavailable to the public schools. While, public schools

are the choice for the majority of the population in the state. The public schools also rely on

government funding, educated teachers, and standards set by the state to ensure the success of the


Classes aren't as big and varied like classes at public schools. In a public school, children

view the wide spread cultures and human beings that make up today's American society. Public

schools have a wider variety of classes, that give students an opportunity to choose the classes the

want. These classes allow students to pursue a career from the knowledge they have obtained.

Private schools only provide the necessary classes required by the state. In some intermediate

private schools, Home Economics and Shop classes aren't even offered. Unlike Public schools these

classes have been offered since fifth or sixth grade and up.

The uniforms in private schools ones child will be wearing, would not allow the child to

show character in his self. Uniforms may make life easier...
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