Public vs Private Schools

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Mazen Alahmad
Prof. Defelice
21 November 2012
Public Schools Vs. Private Schools
I Search Proposal: What is the difference between public and private schools? The Story of your I Search: I began to browse through a few websites and different articles, gathering up all different kind of information about this topic. I skimmed through a book I have previously read to gain any additional information. Research Details:

1) I found an article on public school review. The article spoke of all the specks in both schools. The school distinction makes a huge difference in the parents’ decision on where to send their children. However, there is always the push towards private schools because of the reputation coming from them. 2) I continued my search to find the answer on a website titled “Great Schools”. This article talks about how tuition plays a big factor in a parents’ decision. Some parents just don’t have the money to send their kid to a private school. A public school cannot charge tuition to their students. The religious affiliation involved in private schools also plays a factor because parents do not want their children involved in any discrepancy. Not every person follows the same religion, so the school has no chance to teach all kinds of religion. 3) My final form of research shows the flaws in private schools that most families are not able to see. They spend extraordinary amounts of money in a school that provides almost the same type of education that their children are able to achieve for free. The parents expect to send their children to a school where teachers are highly qualified and class sizes are not too big so their children are able to receive the education they are paying for.

Final Summary:

Parents everywhere are always asking themselves the big question as to where to send their children. They need guidance to a certain answer. After extensive research I was able to gather much information about both types of...
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