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Public vs. Private

By | November 2012
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Public versus Private
Over the last decade, education in the United States has become a controversial topic. From President Clinton’s term in office, through President Bush’s, and into President Obama’s term, many different solutions and ideas have been proposed. From Bush’s No Child Left Behind Policy, to Obama’s increase in the number of recipients of the Pell Grant, many different methods have been implemented to kick start America’s education system to get back on the track it was thirty years ago. These policies have had major effects on how educational systems in the United States function. The public school system has seen some major changes over the last ten years; the private schools, less so. Since President Bush took office in 2000, I have been in the position to attend both a private elementary and middle school, and a public high school. The differences in school-wide protocols are apparent to anyone who visits and compares the two systems.

In the private school that I attended, Sacramento Country Day School, the teachers were very concerned with the progress of their students. Because it was a small private school with a staff of about one hundred teachers and one hundred administrators, there was no room for a large corporation such as a teachers’ union. This meant that the teachers there did not earn tenure; rather, they were kept on their toes by the awareness that they had to live up to a certain quality. The school held certain esteem within the community as being the place where influential society members sent their children for a higher form of education than could be found in the public school system. In previous years, private schools have drawn in quality teachers by offering smaller class sizes and more motivated students. However, it has recently been shown that independent schools are becoming more and more competitive in the salary market, and are thus able to recruit even better teachers. As Zubay states in an article, “Over...

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