Public Transportation Systems in the Big Cities in Saudi Arabia

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Public Transportation Systems in the Big Cities in Saudi Arabia Already my younger brother doesn't have a special car, he is a college student; so it is too tired and expensive when he commutes every day in a taxi or by older brother's car. Anyway, Saudi Arabia occupies the largest area of the Arabian Peninsula, It has large space also in its cities. More than that, it has a lot of population; that means, there a lot of accident and crowd. How we can prevent a much of accident and crowded, and how to anybody to transfer between the cities as easy way. As I mentioned in the beginning, Saudi Arabia has a large aria not only in it space but also between its cities. Due so is too difficult to transfer easily between the cities. Some worker and businessman need to transfer for them job. Especially, when this city located is far away of them city. Another side, as the Saudi Arabia has large space it also has a lot of population; it has more than 20 million of its population. All these people, try to do their daily tasks like drop of schools; especially when our kids schools, shopping, and go to hospitals. All these tasks, repeat in our daily life and in same time; that means late of daily tasks specially. Every day, we will see the crowd in streets and gridlock. Actually, there are traffic accidents also. All these cause to that there a lot of cars and most of parsons want to arrive to their jobs in earlier time as possible. Greatest cause to the importance of transportation public systems is AL Haj– the pilgrimage- . Annually, come to Saudi Arabia more than 1 million pilgrims to do their duty. Already, they has not specially cars and logically that impossible to all these pilgrims is using a taxis! Here are focus the importance of public transportation systems. Whatever, it is too important to improve and create improved transportation systems; like create public trains in Saudi Arabia, improve the public buses and define a specially buses to...
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