Public Transportation

Topics: Road, Public transport, Ontology Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Public Transportation to Reduce Traffic Jam

Traffic jam.
I’m sure that all of us have gotten tired already with this classic problem of our country. How many time in our life have we wasted already only for traffic jam? This may seem trivial, but truly, this has been severe enough to cost us a lot. Not only is that it physically damage us, but also mentally and materially. What can be done over this problem? What actually went wrong? A lot of factors cause traffic jam actually, but the one thing that I believe matter the most is the existence of our sufficient public transportation, or should I say the NON-existence of it. Because really, public transportation is a very important service that every society need, and unfortunately it can be said that our country is so lacking in providing an efficient public transportation. How do I come with this claim? First evidence would be to take a look on the street and see what kind of public transportation that we have, how many people that really uses it, and finally have our traffic jam stopped? The fact that happens on the street is that our public transportation is not efficient enough to attract our people. So a lot of us eventually choose to use our own vehicle. So as we can see, the logic is, the more people riding their private ride on the street rather than using the same public transportation together, means the more crowded our street become. This eventually leads to the over-capacity on the street, and obviously, the lack of space to cover such a lot of vehicles, causes the traffic jam.

An efficient public transportation requires a comfortable service, a safe ride, and of course a common acceptation of reasonable price. This kind of requirement has been fulfilled by most of advance countries all over the world, but unfortunately still not yet fulfilled by our country. We all can jealously see how New York has its sub-way train system as a public transportation, Korea for having their MRT, Japan also...
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