Public Transit vs Private Car

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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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English A
July 12, 2011
Public Transit vs Private Car
What are some of the differences between public transit and private car? One person doing a everyday commute between his/her job and home can pick one of the two options and both of them will get a person from A to B during a daytime commute. A person will have to look at the cost of having a car versus the cost of taking public transportation. Then a person will have to look at how much time he/she spends traveling between the two points and what is he/she doing during the travel time. The cost of owning a car means that a person will have to pay for fuel, insurance, maintenance, and tags. Most of those costs for owning a car can easily surpass $100 a month. Taking public transit can be a cheaper option compared to using a car. Los Angeles and Orange county have daily, weekly, and monthly passes that cost less then $100 a month. Metrolink train tickets can be used on most transit systems that make connections to the train stations. Using a car can be a faster way to travel from one point to another compared to public transportation. With a car, a person can pick a route that he/she want to from A to B. During the time of travel, a person driving can only listen to the radio. Public transportation takes a longer time because they have fixed routes and time schedules. During that time, a person can listen to a radio,work on some homework, read a book or newspaper, surf the Internet, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the trip. The two options, public transportation and private automobile, will get a person from one point to another. A car will cost more money but will get a person to a destination in a short time; public transportation costs less but takes a longer travel time to reach a destination. No matter which one a person takes, they both have their disadvantages and advantages.kk
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