Public Speaking About the Malays

Topics: Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia Pages: 4 (1760 words) Published: March 16, 2013
So do you all know why I do this? Do you know why I decided to come from behind. Instead of doing like the rest. You want to be different?(plant) ya that’s true. Why is it good about being different. When you are different, people notice you and people will remember you. This is what the malays are lacking. They have the potential ! Because they are creative. Im just showing a simple example of being creative. Doing something different but not wrong. We are too shy, we are too shy for the wrong reason. We have to get up and do it. To voice out. Actually we know we are not doing anything wrong, we are doing something good and god likes it. You all agree right? But we are too shy. Something is not right. So we have to learn to change this. Today’s topic is about malays have the potential to be a great race. I must warn you, this is a speech to inform, you have to know the difference. Im not going to persuade you, im giving you information which we take for granted of our own race as a malay. Theee major issues I am going to discuss here today. We as malays have a lot of potential to be a great race and there is so many points to support that but today, im standing in front here, in front of all of you, to share on the three main points that we are going to ponder on which is, our history as malays, we are a pleasant race and we are creative.

First of, the history of our race. So, who are we? Where do we come from? Many malays generally take for granted where they come from. Some of them, they think that they can speak malay, they look like 60% of the population of Malaysia and walla, they are malays. In their point of view. Then if you want to say that, Indonesia looks like us too. Speak like us too. Don’t you agree? You see, many of us take for granted where we come from. We never really look at our roots. So that’s my job to make you guys understand. The malays are a group of people who live in the malay archipelago. Some of you would be wondering,...
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