Public Speaking

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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The fear of public speaking describes the lack of confidence a person has in their abilities. Making them questioning their knowledge and the ability to convey the information they have to present. Cause the presenter to question how themselves. Stripping a person’s confidence will likely lead to them anxiety. Worrying about what the audience thinks of me, Am I conveying the information correctly, Am I boring the people listening to me, or am I to excited. I worry about my appearance. Knowing the information I'm giving is being judged. Do my words reflect my knowledge in the subject? The expectation the audience has can make this experience overwhelming. The fear of the unknown drives the fear of public speaking. My fear of public speaking started in church. Every year for Easter and Christmas we do a play or recital and each child were required to speak in front of the congregation. Well as we watch the adults they became more and more nervous we would become nervous and forget our lines. As I got older the fear got worse reading in front of the class, speaking in front of groups or speaking in church. This fear often made social settings very difficult. Everyone is comfortable speaking to their friends. I kept my group really small so I would never put myself in a situation where I was fearful to speak. Never allowing my group to grow or distancing myself from the group when it starts to grow. One year for Thanksgiving my family we around the table and we were suppose to give one thing were thankfully for I become so nervous I couldn’t speak and my mom got so mad never thinking I was nervous I couldn’t speak. My hands begin to shake my mouth became super dry and my heart was beating so hard and fast I thought I would pass out. My mother thought I was being difficult she sent me to my room and told me when I could come out and tell the family one thing I was thankful for then I could eat. Two hours in to my punishment my aunt came to my room to ask me why...
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