Public Speaking 111

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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1,Similarities and Difference between public speaking and conversation: 1,Organizing your thoughts logically.2,Tailoring your message to your audience.3,Telling a story for maximum impact.4,Adapting to listener feedback.1,public speaking is more highly structured.2, public speaking requires more formal language.3,public speaking requires a different method of delivery.2.Strategies to Help Reduce Stage Fright:require speaking experience, prepare prepare prepare,Think positively,use the power of visualization,know that most nervousness is not visible, don’t expect perfection.General Purpose:The broad goal of a speech. Specific Purpose:A single infinitive phrase that states precisely what a speaker hopes to accomplish in his or her speech.3,list and explain several different library resources discussed in class: Librarians, The catalogue, Periodical databases,newspapers,reference works.4crediable source: article published,authorship,sponsorship,recency(copyright date,publication date)5,3 typles of support idea: brief example extended example, hypothetical to use them:use example to clarify your ideas, reinforce your ideas,personalize your ideas, vivid and richly textured.enhance your extend examples.6components of an oral citation:tell your audience enough that they will know where you got your information and why they should accept it as qualified and credible.7Connective:A word or phrase that connects the ideas of a speech and indicates the relationship between them.Transition: A word or phrase that indicates when a speaker has finished one thought and its moving on to another.Internal preview:A statement in the body of the speech that lets the audience know what the speaker is going to discuss next. Internal summary:A statement in the body of the speech that summarizes the speaker’s preceding or points.Signpost:A very brief statement that indicates where a speaker is in the speech or that focuses attention on key ideas.8,4 major part of...
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