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Topics: Discrimination, Human rights, Terrorism Act 2000 Pages: 5 (1735 words) Published: May 17, 2013
P4-“Describe, with the examples, the impact of government policies on different public services” Policies that influence all service
There are a few policies that have big impact on public services which I am going to describe with examples in this assignment. The UK government often publishes new policies which many of them we will have an effect because of the way with public service work. Some of these policies affect public services, for example the ones that surrounded the need to work within the law, such as laws that related to human rights and equal opportunities are the main one then civilisation, and finance follows them by affecting public services as well. * Human rights

The uniformed public services have a big amount of power over people’s lives. They can take away peoples freedom, investigate their private lives, monitor their actions and use the information they find out to prosecute. However the power that they have must be carefully controlled otherwise it will shows that public services abusing citizen’s right. Public services should be aware of every human has their own rights because public services work with the agreement and cooperation with the public , they are respected from people and same way goes to public service they should show the same respect back to citizens. However, even with highly trained and knowledgeable officers, there can still be breaches (abuse) of human rights. And this is the reason why there is the need for law as and policies such as the human right Act 1998. Human rights act 1998

This act ensures that all the UK citizens have certain rights. Such as, right to; * Life
* Prohibition of slavery and forced labour
* Liberty and security
* Prohibition of discrimination
* Education
* Free election
* Freedom of assembly and association
* Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
There are many other rights for humans but if these rights are broken by the public services, then the individuals concerned have the right to take the service to court and challenge the action. * Equal opportunities

Equal opportunity is another act to ensure that all the citizens of the UK receive equal chance. All of the public services aware of the importance of equal opportunity in the UK. There is equal opportunities legislation for example; the sex discrimination act and the race relations Act this Acts has basically changed the way the services co-operate with their officers and the public. This legislations aim is to ensure the public services reflect the communities when they service. For example; majority of the public service starts recruiting women and those ethnic minority groups to give equal opportunity for both sexes. Another good example will be uniform requirement have changed to provide different religious group for example; female Muslim police officers can wear a dark blue head covering under their hat this means they are allowing Muslim females to wear scarf which is showing that equal opportunity has given to citizens.

* Financial reduction or increase
Finance is very important in any public service because they won’t be able to operate if they don’t have the recourses for example; if the Army service doesn’t get enough financial help from government the service won’t function because of the resources such as weapons. They won’t be able to pay the personnel this even can cause to have fewer personnel.

* Civilianisation
Civilianisation is a process whereby police officers or this can be any other public service officers are released from completing non-operational task which don’t require their specialist expertise or training. For example when a police officer catches the criminals all of them have to write report about that task. These officers will then able to organise to an operational role, this makes the use of such staff more efficient since they are doing the job they were trained to do...
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