Public Sector Reform

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  • Published : July 27, 2009
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Case Analysis of the Introduction of New Public Management in Small States By: Tamara McLeod
ID #: 03-048181

Identify the main public sector reform issues and problems in the case

Public sector reform refers to strengthening the way public sector is managed. The public sector may try and do too much with two little resources. In the case the main public sector reform issues highlighted were: •Political Issues, such as the political will of government representative, the Westminster/Whitehall model, and Constitution and the Colonial Administration practices. •Economic Issues such as the need to attract potential investors, the need to be competitive through Globalization and the structural changes needed for loans and aids to be granted from the IMF. •Socio-Economic Issues such as the history of the country, the cultural dynamics of the state, pluralist vs. homogenous states.

Review the theoretical arguments relating to these issues that are put forward by the author

Wilenski (1986) saw the greatest impediment to public sector reform as being the lack of political will. This was supported by Mills who believed that public servants were trained in colonial administration and only could adhere to rules and regulations than make inform and rational decisions. Other theorist believes that the greatest argument for public sector reform was Globalization. Gidden and Scholte (1990) believed that globalization is a central driving force behind the rapid social, political and economic changes reshaping societies and contributing to public sector reform. Other theorist believed that the changes in ideologies, value systems and system of governance along with internal forces and pressures gave rise to the changes in public sector administration. La Guerra (1994) noted that the structural adjustments conditions that accompanied loans from the International lending agencies such as the IMF contributed for the need of public sector to be more efficient in...
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