Public School vs. Private School

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Are there any sentences that could be revised or restated? or anything that can make this sound a bit better? never mind the grammar and spelling. There are many reasons private schools are academically superior to public schools. There are vast differences between both public and private schools. Public school is controlled by the government. Public schools don't charge tuition and accepts all children by law. They are financed through the federal, state and local taxes; functioning as part of the government and must adhere to the regulations by politicians. Thus, they can be greatly influenced by the political winds. Private schools are not administered by the government and are operated by private individuals. Unlike public school, they operate on student’s tuition and have different admissions requirements. Private schools accept students according to its academic standards but, generally private school students meet or exceed the standards of public school students. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages of both types of schools.

Among the benefits of private school, private schools students generally have smaller class sizes and a lower student to teacher ratio. Children wil have more individualized attention and will allow more opportunities for access to instructors. Students would have better performance and brighter children can be challenged by harder lessons. They usually have more challenging curriculum. Students are also motivated to have better performance because private schooling requires tuition. Private schools also have more events and activities due to their small school sizes. Parents would have more opportunities to get involved with their children's education. Private school students can benefit from the flexible teacher methods. Private school aren't as tailored in rules as public schools. So, lesson teaching methods can vary greatly. Another aspect of private schools superiority is they offer specialized classes and...
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